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Funny status|quotes|massage
Funny status|quotes|messages





                         FUNNY STATUS 

  • Hey Friends…..This is Fun Time.
  • You can not buy Love…..But still you have to pay for it.
  • Mosquitoes are like your family.Annoying but they carry my Blood.
  • I wish my book of life was written in pencil…..there R A few pages I would like to erase.
  • I always learn from mistakes of other who take my advice >
  • I am not lazy…..I am on energy saving mode.
  • Hey you ..Please..Don’t copy my status.
  • When I am on my death bed,I want my final words to be ‘I Left’ one million $ in the…..
  • Coins always make noise But the currency notes R always silent.That’s why..I am always calm and silent.
  • My wallet is like an onions,opening it makes me cry.

  • Sorry about those text I sent you last night,my phone was drunk.
  • Don’t be too optimistic.The light at the end of the tunnel may be another train.
  • I was not busy to be Online…..I had just gave up on life when I picked up this girl phone and saw my contact name as Free Charge.
  • One wish guy inverted mobile application whatsapp and his wife added last seen failure..
  • God is really creative,I mean just Look At Me.
  • I live In A world of fantasy,So keep your reality away from me..
  • When A newly married man look like happy,we know that why.But when A ten years married man look happy,we wonder why>
  • I am so awesome that I wish I could be you,just so I could hangout with me!!
  • Silent is the loudest word you can speak sometime when you want to be Hard more than..
  • After marry…..The looks like better.
  • Hey problems…..Please give me some discount…..I am your regular customer.
  • The man is the head,But women is the neck.She can turn the head any way she wants.
  • I Do Not need A hair stylist.My pillow give me A new Hair style every morning.
  • I made A hug to do list for today.I just can’t figure out who is going to do it.
  • I am a sweet girl,But if you make me maid,remember I always have a packet of crazy waiting to come out.
  • It’s funny how when I am loud,people tell me to be quiet.But when I am quiet ,people ask me what is wrong with me.

  • FACT:Mobile on silent mood…..10 missed call…..Turns volume to loudest….Nobody call all day!!
  • 95% of boys have girl friends.Rest 5% boys R having Brain.
  • Status Is Available…..Please disturb me.
  • Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to talk and walk,and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up–!!
  • There’s Always a person that you Hate for no reason.
  • Please GOD if you can not make me slim,Make my friends Fat.
  • Hi Friends:I know that we had problems when I was Younger…..But I Love You.
  • I smile cause that you R My Family.I laugh that’s cause There’s Nothing you can do about it.
  • The big differ between Man and Women is what comes to mind when the word Facial is used.
  • I wishing ‘Fall In Love‘has traffic light too,so that,I would know if I should go for it,Slow down or just stop.

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