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      Friendship Status:You are looking for ‘Friendship Status’..We are share many status of “Friendship Status” and you can share their messages Whatsapp,Facebook and others social media.So,our collection of more Friendship status are given below.We can hope that you would like it and share it.

Friendship quotes
Friendship status|massage






                                                            FRIENDSHIP STATUS 

  • A true friend unforgettable you and Always with you.
  • Friendship is just A trapped inside two bodies.
  • A friend is who gives a helping band to his friend in distress.
  • A good friend knows All your best Stories ,A best friend live them with you.
  • Finding A true best friend is like finding a pink rose out of a million red ones.
  • a true friend can see your tears pouring,while other believe,the smile you R mind..
  • Friendship is born at that’s moment when one person say to another what you too ¿ I thought I was the only me.

  • Friendship doubles your’s joy & divide your sorrow.
  • Friendship is like a violin,the music may stop now and then,But the strings will last forever and……
  • A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you R fooling everyone else.
  • Friends is most important ingredient in the recipe of life.
  • You can’t to be friends upon any others terms than upon the terms of equality.
  • More beautiful than all the stars the shine is heart of a Loving friends.
  • Good friend is Hard to find,difficult to leave,impossible to forget.

  • A true friends is someone who have understand your past and believes in you future and accepts you just the way you R.
  • A real friends is one who’s walk in the field when the rest of the walkout .
  • I would rather walk with A friend in the dark,Then alone in the lights.
  • True friends-Face in the same direction,toward common projects ,interest and goals-<I love you friends>
  • Our friendship makes world glow with so much happiness.It’s feel so special to have a friend like YOU.
  • A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversations,doesn’t always need togetherness and as long as the relationship lives in the Hurt,true friends will never past.
  • It’s sad when we are let best friends turn into just friends and friends turn into people we know And people We know tern into just people.
  • I promise that you no matters what happen.I will be there with you always.
  • Friendship is not just a word…..IT is a silent promise that I was,I am and I will always in their for you.

  • A best friends isn’t someone who just always there for you.It’s someone who understand’s you a bit more than you understand yourself.
  • Love is not only made for lovers,It’s also for friends who love each others better than lover.A true friends very hard to find,difficult to leave and impossible to forgettable.
  • Friends R more expensive than diamonds because the diamond always have a price But friends are priceless<TRue friends>
  • Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.
  • A true friends is a person who will not a judge you for yours mistakes.
  • Your best friends somebody who mastered the art of erasing the same pointless drama,You have been saying over and over,Re-act like hard it at first time.
  • A real true friends would do the dumbest things for you and never asked for…..
  • Nobody understands me like you do.You R my rock,keeping me grounded to reality without you in my life I feels last and alone.I am alone friend.

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