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Happy birth day

Birthday status|quotes|massage

                              BIRTHDAY STATUS  

  Birthday Status:You are looking for ‘Birthday Status‘,so you find them below.We are share many type of status of ‘Birthday Status’ and you can share their messages Whatsapp,Facebook and others social media.So, our collection of more ‘Birthday Status‘ are given below.We can hope that you would like it and share it.


Happy birth day
Birthday status|quotes|massage





                                                    Birthday Status 

  • R you know that your Birthday ? Surprise ! Many Many Happy Birthday to You.
  • To the most gorgeous specimen NEXT to me In this earth,happy,Best Birthday!!
  • Having A better like you both A blessing And An annoying…..Happy Birthday!!
  • Mothers takes the place of other people,YET no one could take their place.Best Birthday and thank you for being there mom..
  • The more Birthdays we celebrate,the hard it is for us to breathe,Just like having funniest moment,Best Birthday to You.

  • Let us YOUR birthday memorable with all of your favorite persons present.Happy Birthday To YOU.
  • When YOU whispered YOUR words of LOVE,It was my HURT which caught it.When you kissed me . It was not my lips which felt it But my soul.BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY>
  • I wish that U would live your days like you R celebrating your Birthday.<Happy Birthday to You>
  • This day marks the day that U successfully emerged out of your mothers womb so it IS A reason to Celebrate.Happy Birthday.
  • I wish U A Lot of Sunshine that would light up your Hurt today.Happy Birthday.
  • I pray YOU get all the happiness you R wishing for Happy Birthday.
  • May YOU have A million Happy returns of this years.Nice Birthday.
  • Since TODAY is the day that I was born,I wish to be treated LIKE A queen.
  • My wishing YOU is that GOD would lead you away from harm and guide your steps.Happy Birthday.

  • Most beautiful dream I EVER had In my life is when I love You.Have A Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t want to see YOU crying.I do not want to leave you forever.Just know that the day that I will leave U would be the day that i would die.Happy Birthday.
  • May GOD shower his choices blessing on you..Wishing you happiness,Good health and A great year ahead.Happy Birthday to you.
  • Birthdays come Around every year…..But friends Like U only come once In A lifetimes.I am so glad you come into my life.Best wishes on your Happy Birthday.
  • Angel are singing with dancing,The sun is shining,today is your Birthday And I am celebrating .YOU R My Angel in heaven.<Happy Birthday>
  • YOU R A true friend,So please do not change ever..Happy Birthday,may wishing YOU have come true.
  • Thanks MY LORD for that another wonderful year of life full of blessing…..And thanks of All the Birthday Wishes.
  • Best Happy Birthday…..I hope that is fill With LOVE ,LAUGH and FAMILY.

  • For many people,the WORD friend is just A sequence of letters,FOR ME…It’s the source of happiness and strength cause of YOU…Very Very Nice Happy Birthday.
  • I hope that’s FOR every candle on your cake YOU get A wonderful surprise.Many Many Happy Birthday.
  • Thinking of U with LOVE on your Birthday and wishing YOU every things THAT brings U Happiness today and always.
  • May LIFE lead U to great Happiness,Success and hope that all your wishes COME TRUE.Happy Birthday.
  • Sending Birthday blessings to my sister,filled WITH LOVE and peace and joy And wishing sweetest things happen right before Your Eyes.
  • This Birthday brings YOU good LUCK and FORTUNE.It offers YOU A lot of lovable and true friendship.Have A Nice Birthday.
  • I hope that your Birthday is magical time is on…..May your GIFT be Healthy,lovely and Happiness.


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